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Imagine your work PC with all your usual business applications, your Microsoft Office programs, plus all the documents, and data that you share with your colleagues saved on the network. Then imagine being able to take that PC anywhere in the world and continue to work with your applications and shared data, any time you choose – that is the power of a Hosted Desktop.

When you update your databases or edit documents your changes are immediately seen straight away by your colleagues sharing the same Hosted Office environment.

Contact us today and we can connect you to one of our demonstration servers to experience our Hosted Office in action.

Hosted Office is based around Remote Desktop Services which is a well-established technology platform.  The benefits of moving to Hosted Office include:

  • Use almost any device from practically anywhere
  • No need for a physical office or your own servers
  • Cost effective and a money saver – only pay a single monthly fee
  • Accessible, flexible and scalable: the service can flex up and down depending on your requirements
  • Reduced data loss and greater security
  • Increased productivity
  • Reliability

We backup your data every 2 hours and retain the last 30 days backup as standard.

This can be increased to almost any limit subject to an additional cost.

Your data security is our highest priority.

We use SSL encryption and enterprise-grade online protection, and distribute backups to multiple locations’ for total security.

Our UK only data center’s are ISO27001 and PCI DSS certified and accredited.

Yes, we are able to restrict access to certain data and applications  as per your requirements.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides a guaranteed minimum of 99.9% availability, with service credits equivalent to twice the downtime given if this is not met.

Definitely! we are very conscious about our environment and we use responsible solutions that help reduce our environmental impact.

Compare this to the energy consumed by a typical office who need to run their Servers 24×7 in addition to the energy eaten up by air conditioning units. Combined usage of energy makes for a more efficient but less impactful drain on the environment.

Yes! For each physical server that is no longer required in your office, we have calculated a saving of approximately £155.00 per annum.

This figure does not take into account any additional savings that can be made on maintenance, support and infrastructure costs.

Several of our customers realised they no longer require a physical office after moving to Inetix’s Hosted Office solution, thus making a huge saving in their budget without any reduction in their services.

Most applications can be run on our Hosted Office platform, therefore as long as the application has a valid license and is supported by its publisher, we can generally host it for you.

No problem, our services can be provided to anyone, in almost any country.

Yes, a small (free) application is required for your Mac.

We can advise how to obtain this application and assist in setting it up for you.

Our support team will happily assist you in restoring your files from the most suitable backup date and time.

Your problem is our problem.

Contact our Support Team and we will talk things through and work out at a solution to resolve the issue.


Hosted Exchange is the ideal email solution for SMEs who want powerful, reliable email, but don’t want the headache of running their own email servers in a fixed office location.

Yes of course, there is no need to change your current email address or domain name and we can even help to import your existing email into your new mailboxes.

Our support team will help you every step of the way to setup and transfer your Hosted Exchange account.

Yes. Our spam filters will block over 99.5% of spam and virus emails – providing you with peace of mind and added reassurance.

Yes, our Hosted Exchange is accessible on most handheld devices including: iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows Mobile and other smartphones.

Hosted Exchange also works perfectly on most laptops, tablets, Apple Macs and desktop PCs.

The maximum size for sending any message including attachments is 50MB on our shared service and 100MB on our dedicated service.

The limit on the dedicated service can be raised on application.

No. We do not offer a bulk email service. To avoid blacklisting and other anti-spam safeguards, please use a dedicated bulk mailing service.

Our support team is on hand to advise and resolve any email related query.


Yes, via a secure web console we provide the ability to power off and on your Virtual Server if required.